April 9th, 2008

My New LJ Account!

Hello everyone!

It's been a long time! This is my new LJ by the way... (I totally forgot my password on my other account and I think there was something wrong with it)

Anyway, sorry I wasn't able to be with you the other saturday. I was just too busy with all our plates and all the money I had that time was a twenty peso bill...

We also have a new bakery, by the way. It's just at the end of N. Torres street... no, it's not anywhere near Central Warehouse, it's on the OTHER end. My sister even mentioned that the SCUISHY once passed by our bakery. It's painted orange and there's usually a yellow pick-up truck parked beside it. It's the only car we have now since the Vios was taken back by the company when my father decided to retire. You can come and visit our bakery if you have time. Just text me ahead of time so that I can be there, too when you arrive!