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WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Finally!!! Makakatulog  na ko nang mahimbing! Kahapon ko kasi napasa at natapos yung major plate! Whooooohoooooooooo! Tapos na ang kalbaryo sa wakas! Two days of absolutely no sleep! Xet! Natusok pa ang paa ko from a loose nail under one of our drafting tables! I even had to wait until 4 in the afternoon to get my wound cleaned kasi 3-9pm lang ang dorm (or university) clinic, on saturdays so I had to work with a bleeding foot for 5 hours. Hindi naman siya ganun kalala... pero the next day, the nurse discovered that a really small part of the nail was still embeded into my wound and we didn't even notice it until yesterday afternoon! The nurse had to use a needle and tool that looked like a tweezer to take take out the damn thing! Yeesh!! *goosebumps* kinalikot niya kasi yung sugat ko... it was kinda painful and I was lying on the bed with my eyes shut when she did that para hindi ko makita yung needle... takot akooooo.... Inimagine ko kasi yung movie na the patient had to undergo an operation consciously! He couldn't move pero he felt his ribs being cocked open! Yeck! *goosebumps!!!* Pero wait! may exam pa this friday sa Physics tapos next week math exam! Kailan ba talaga ako makapagpapahinga nang tuoly2!!!

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